Create An Event

Create an Event (3 steps process)

Add Your Event Details - (Step 1)

To get started, log into the portal and click CREATE AN EVENT to access the Add your Event Details 

Click Create New Event for events with a physical location or Online Event for events hosted via the Internet

Enter your Event Title (example:  Casey’s Wedding Day)

Enter Event Address (example: 8529 Anywhere Street, Frederick, MD  21701)

Select Date & Time of the event (start and end)

Select your proper Timezone & Date settings

Browse and upload your Event Flyer. 

Add an Event Description (example: Please join us as we exchange our vows.)

Add the Organizer (example: Elizabeth Jonez)

Add the Organizer Description (example: Mother of the bride)

Click the box if you want to include links to Facebook and Twitter

Create Tickets - (Step 2)

Choose a type of ticket to start (Free Ticket, PAID TICKET, or DONATION)

Enter the Ticket Name (example: RSVP)

Enter the Quantity Available (example: 50) 

Enter the Price per ticket (example: 20 for $20)

Select fee behavior (Pass on fees to the buyer, Absorb the fees, or Customize per ticket type) 

Check the box if you prefer to display sales end on event page

On Free Events a Free Tickets creation is mandatory 

Create an event webpage - (Step 3)

Select the Listing Privacy (Public or Private) Events listed as Public will be published on the website and search engines.  Events listed as Private will remain private and will not be listed on the website or search engines.  

  For Private events

o  Check the box if you prefer Invitation Only,

o  Check the box if you prefer Password Protected (enter a password of your choice in the box)

  For Public events

o  Select a Category (example Parties)

o  Select a Sub Category (example Wedding & Events

o  Select an Event Type (example Special Occasion) 

Click Save
Click Make Event Live

Congratulations, you created your event and can be seen on the Home Page!

Your attendees may now obtain tickets through your event by visiting

Be sure to download your mobile app from the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store