Valet Services

Valet Services 

EliteTix Event Management Platform is designed to save you money, time, and energy 

planning and promoting your event. Our Valet Service goes one step beyond; it is designed 

to save you even more time an energy and the best part, most services are free.

When you use our Valet Services, you get your own personal design coordinator.

Our design coordinator will: 

1. Create and maintain your event

2. Publish your event only after you approve the design

3Create your invitation and send to your clients (after receiving your contact list) 

4. Send a daily report of your ticket sell status  

Valet Services are free for events catering to 200 people or less

Valet Services incur nominal fees for events catering to more than 200 people

For more information please visit the Contact Us link at the bottom footer.  A coordinator will contact

you within 24 business hours.