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Purchase, Refund & Delivery Policies

Any ticket purchased on the Website is a license to attend a specified event hosted and contracted by the Event Organizer of the Event, not EliteTix (An ASMB LLC Company). There will also be additional terms applied to the ticket of which includes the venue policies and enforcement procedures.

All EliteTix events occurring in the United States with ticket prices established, will be stated in U.S. Dollars.

When an EliteTix event ticket is purchased for an event occurring in the United States, Stripe.com handles the transaction and payment collection on behalf of the Event Organizer. EliteTix does not act as the organizing agent and does not facilitate the event.

It is your responsibility to review confirmation of your ticket purchase. If no confirmation number via email is received after submitting payment, please refer to the EliteTix customer service representation via email or toll free number. We are not responsible for any monetary losses if ticket order is assumed, and not confirmed via email.

Should a cancellation for an event occur, we will inform you of the postponement or cancellation via email. Event Organizers, not EliteTix will issue refunds to tickets for cancelled event

Refund Policy

All Sales are Final. Refunds are only issued when an event is cancelled. Cancelled events refunds should be expected by the customer within 4 to 6 days from the cancellation notification.

If a refund is to be processed, it is only based on the ticket’s face value. Discounted tickets will be refunded based on the amount paid after discount application. Delivery charges will not be refunded.

All convenience fees, processing fees and taxes will NOT be refunded. Travel expenses or any associated costs with travel will not be refunded if cancellation or postponement occurs. EliteTix is not liable for these associated travel expenses.

In the event a ticket purchased on the Website is cancelled, please contact support@EliteTix.com for additional information about our refund policies, process of obtaining a refund or exchange, or to discuss any remaining issues with the ticketing process. All inquiries must be accompanied by your account number, reference number (if applicable), date and price of ticket in question.

Refunds and exchanges are only subject to the entertainment headliner. All opening acts, or additional entertainment not marketed as the main entertainment for the event will not be refundable, in case of cancellation.

Refunds will not be issued in the case of lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.

EliteTix has the right to cancel, void, and refuse to honor any current or future ticketing purchases made by any individual or company that continues to seek refunds – willingly disregarding the previously stated refund policies.

Please consult with your banking institution if our order processing cancels your ticket or service order due to inaccurate billing information associated with the credit card applied on the Website.


By accepting these terms you are agreeing to the refund policy.

Delivery Policy

Will Call is not offered at this moment with the Webpage and EliteTix

EliteTix recommends you utilize the paperless ticket delivery options we offer. We pride our business model on reducing wasteful ticketing practices and encourage all of our customers to make the switch to paperless ticketing, and delivery options.

Any ticket purchased on the Website or by any EliteTix authority, is not redeemable for cash. Venues and affiliated employees, owners, or management have the right to refuse admission to anyone based on their particular set of guidelines, and policies – without refund or amount paid. A breach of these terms would include the use of abusive language, disorderly conduct, or any such actions deemed unacceptable to the rules and regulations of the venue provider.

By attending and purchasing tickets to an event on the Website, you are agreeing to hereby grant access to EliteTix  to use any images, acts, name, audio or video (before or after entertainment proceedings) without your express written consent, authorization form, or expectation of compensation (monetary or otherwise).

Entry into the event venue facility may or may not be subject to search. Refusal of search, may lead to a dismissal of entry. No refunds or exchanges are valid for patrons that breach these guidelines. Venue facility will enforce its own rules and policies pertaining to the items allowed into the venue; such as alcohol, cameras, or controlled substances, etc.

Tickets purchased on the Website, and with authorization of EliteTix are NOT subject to resale. All additional uses of ticket will have to be explain and approved with written consent of EliteTix.


Terns of Service / Purchase

By purchasing tickets to an event or otherwise described entertainment event, you agree to abide by the rules and laws of that governing state. Complying with these laws is your responsibility. EliteTix is not liable for your failure to comply with these laws, nor is it our responsibility to properly inform you of said laws. Any and all information submitted to EliteTix will and can be used in any ongoing investigation related to your name, event, and prosecution.

Purchase a ticket

Click the event from the home page  

Select the Quantity to purchase from the drop down

Click Get Tickets

Add the First name, Last name and email address of the Ticket Buyer

Add First name, Last name, email address of the Payment Holder

For Free Tickets, select Checkout

You will be redirected to the Registration Information Page

For purchased tickets, select the payment gateway type.

If PayPal, highlight the circle and hit Pay Now

If Credit Card, enter the pertinent credit card information and select Pay Now

The order confirmation page will appear and allow you to download your ticket by clicking “Go To My Tickets”, then Download Tickets. You may also Cancel Order and/or email the host by selecting Contact the Host.